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Bituminous Black Paint 1L Bostik -
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Bituminous Black Paint 1L Bostik

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Bituminous BlackPaint 1LBostik

Bostik Bituminous Black Paint is a protective coating for external waterproofing and weather protection.

How to use:

Make sure the roof surface is structurally sound, clean, dry and free from oil, dirt, grease and loose material.

Metal surfaces should be wire brushed to remove rust.

Bostik Bituminous Black Paint is ready to use and thinning is not needed.

Apply two coats minimum by brush allowing each coat to dry (24 hours) before applying the next.

Clean tools and equipment after use with a proprietary brush cleanser.

Hardened material can be removed by soaking in cleanser.

Wash hands with a resin dissolving hand cleanser.

(do not use internally, do not apply to ponds, fishponds or swimming ponds, do not apply when the surface is too hot)

Bituminous Black Paint 1LBostik– black

  • 4 – 6m2 per litre (depending on porosity of surface)
  • Touch dry 6hrs
  • Recoat 24hrs
  • For metal work and roofs
  • For wood, metal, roofing felt and cement

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