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Barrettine Universal Wood Preserver Clear 1L -

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Barrettine Universal Wood Preserver Clear 1L

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Barrettine Universal Wood Preserver Clear 1L

Barrettine Universal Wood Preserver is a colourless high-quality, low odour, deep penetrating wood preservative. This wax free primer can be used to protect wood against fungi (wet rot), wood discolouring fungi and wood boring insects.

The Clear Wood Preserver can be used on all types of timber, rough sawn or smooth and is suitable for internal and external use. The colourless finish allows for further painting or varnishing once dry.

How to use:

Prepare the surface making sure it is clean and dry, if it has been previously treated remove any loose, flaking paint and sand down if required. If you’re painting outside check the weather forecast to make sure the conditions will be dry and still.  

Using a brush, roller or sprayer apply an even coat, for best results apply 2 – 3 coats.  Allow at least 24 hours drying time before application of a top coat, we recommend applying a water repellent paint or varnish to finish.

Barrettine Universal Wood Preserver Clear 1L – covers up to 6.25m²

  • Suitable for use on all types of internal and external timber, rough sawn or smooth
  • Protects against wet rot, decay and wood boring insects
  • Treated wood can be polished, stained, varnished or painted when dry
  • Harmless to plants and pets when dry
  • Low odour ready to use formula
  • Contains Propiconazole, Permethrin & IPBC

Barrettine – trusted by the professionals