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EverGreen Fast Green Miracle-Gro Lawn Food 80sqm Spreader Pack -

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EverGreen Fast Green Miracle-Gro Lawn Food 80sqm Spreader Pack

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EverGreen Fast Green Miracle-Gro Spreader Pack Covers 80sqm (used to be known as EverGreen Extreme)

Fast Green is a great addition to the brand gardeners ask for by name, Evergreen! If you liked EverGreen Extreme you'll love EverGreen Fast Green, different name same great quality and performance!

EverGreen Fast Green contains a source of fast-acting nitrogen that packs a real punch and quickly starts to make grass green, thick, lush and beautiful after only 3 days. Miracle-Gro EverGreen Fast Green will give your lawn a superior deeper greening and helps build a thick lawn with stronger roots. Children and pet friendly so there's no need to keep them out of the treated area once watered in and dried.

How to use:

Apply March to September when the weather is good, the soil is moist and your lawn is dry and frost free.

Press down the yellow spout and slide back the green cap and flip over the spout.

For a visual guide spread the recommended amount of a small area so you can see what it looks like with the correct dose. Continue to apply on the whole area to be treated.

Walking at a steady pace of 1.5m second, turn the dispenser so that the spout points towards the ground and the can granules flow freely.  Hold the spout at a comfortable height off the ground (at least 45cm).  Spread across the lawn area in even strips, avoiding overlapping.  When you stop walking lift the spout to stop the flow of granules.

For the best performance water in after application, particularly if the weather is hot and dry and the lawn is under stress. Avoid mowing for 2-3 days before and after treatment.

  • How often to apply: Re-application is every 6 weeks
  • Fertiliser analysis: NPK 16-0-5 + 2% iron.
  • Maximum individual dose: 35g of product per square metre (1oz per square yard).


Ferrous Sulphate can cause brown stains on clothes, paving slabs etc. Water product in before walking on the lawn to avoid staining. Brush off immediately if spilt.

Use plant protection products safely, we recommend wearing gardening gloves when using this product.

Not recommended for lawns less than 6 months old.

Always read the label and product information before use.

EverGreen Fast Green Miracle-Gro Spreader Pack Covers 80sqm - fast acting

  • A green lawn in just 3 days!
  • Easy application spreader pack
  • Keeps feeding for weeks
  • Apply between March-September
  • Superior greening
  • Children and pet friendly
  • Previously called EverGreen Extreme

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