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3 Quick Click Rat Traps STV150 -

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3 Quick Click Rat Traps STV150

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The Big Cheese Quick Click Rat Traps 3 Pack STV150

Pack of 3, easy to use, reusable rat traps. These quick click traps are suitable for catching rats  indoors or in sheltered locations like sheds, garages and caravans.

STV is the UK’s leading supplier of pest control products. The Big Cheese products make pest control easy for you to tackle the most common type of pest problem in Britain today.

How to use:

  1. Set and hold the trap open to remove the bait cover
  2. Position the trap where there is evidence of rats with the bait pedal facing the wall
  3. Squeeze the trap open to discard the catch – no need to handle the captured mouse
  4. For maximum catch position multiple traps 2 – 3 metres apart

The Big Cheese Quick Click Mouse Traps – pack of 3

  • Easy to use one click rat trap design
  • Baited and ready to use
  • Value pack of 3 traps
  • Powerful mechanism
  • Durable plastic trap
  • Reusable
  • Rebait with The Big Cheese Mouse & Rat Bait Attractant STV163, sold separately

The Big Cheese – rodent control made easy


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