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Hammerite Waxoyl 600ml Underbody Seal -
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Hammerite Waxoyl 600ml Underbody Seal

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Hammerite Underbody Seal with Added Waxoyl Aerosol 600ml

Hammerite Underbody Seal gives heavy duty protection for underbody, wheel arches and other high impact areas.

  • Protects against stones, water and salt.
  • Proven corrosion resistance.
  • Remains flexible - will not crack or peel.
  • Non-drip super smooth application.
  • Free from gritty and abrasive particles.
  • Prolongs your vehicle's life.
  • Reduces drumming and road noise if applied in door panels and under floor panels.
  • Powerful rust inhibitors based on the proven Waxoyl system displace moisture and seal the surface against further corrosion to give lasting protection.