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2kg Super Seed Evergreen -

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2kg Super Seed Evergreen

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EverGreen® Super Seed Lawn Seed is a perfect blend of seed, feed and soil enricher to give you a thicker green lawn.  A one stop seeding solution for your lawn.

Controlled Release Fertiliser - High nitrogen lawn feed for a thicker lawn.  Controlled nitrogen release to help establish new seedlings for a green lawn.

High Performance Grass Seed - Contains seeds of regenerating grass to tackle high traffic areas and any kind of bare patches for a quick recovery.

Soil Enricher - A calcium rich mineral to help rebalance the soil nutrient levels and which neutralises dog urine burns in lawns.

Create a new lawn or fill in a bare patch

  • Remove all weeds and stones and lightly turn the soil surface over.  Level and firm by treading the soil.
  • Shake the box to remix the seeds.  Apply one handful per square metre (overseeding: 30g/m², bare patches and new lawn: 52g/m²).
  • Create a criss-cross pattern by sowing half the seed from left to right and the rest from top to bottom.
  • Gently rake in and tread the seeds into the soil.  Unless it rains, soak with a fine spray and keep soil moist for the next few weeks.

When will I see results?

In ideal conditions when the soil is moist, grass will start to appear from 9 days.  In less favourable conditions allow 10-14 days

2kg cover approx 66m