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Fiskars Lawn Claw Weed Puller -
Fiskars Lawn Claw Weed Puller

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Fiskars Lawn Claw Weed Puller

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A perfect lawn is not achieved by the lawn mower alone. Weeds like dandelions springing up can ruin the perfect finish to the lawn and their deep taproots mean that they can stay in place to bloom again and propagate even if you cut them back to base.

The only sure solution is a tool that extracts them from the root and the award winning Fiskars weed puller both in standard and telescopic versions is a fantastic and ecologically friendly solution.

Simply place the tool over the weed, push in the steel claws, step on the pedal and pull back - the result is that the weed is pulled out from the root after which it can be neatly ejected with a single slide of the orange handle directly into a waiting wheel barrow.

With no need for harmful chemicals or noisy motors, this simple but ingenious tool will remove weeds from your lawn leaving a clean green space.