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Ronseal Fence Life Plus Willlow 5L -

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Ronseal Fence Life Plus Willlow 5L

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Ronseal Fence Life Plus Willow 5L

A versatile and tough shed and fence treatment. Protects against the elements and lasts for up to 5 years.


How to use:

Prepare the surface area for paint.

Apply Fence Life Plus with either a brush or sprayer.


Apply a thick coat, if you notice drips brush them in.

Leave four hours for the first coat to dry. Then assess the fence to see if you need to apply another.


Pour the fence life in to the tank. Pump your sprayer or turn it on. Use long, sweeping horizontal arm movements. Move along the full width of the fence panel, drop down a level and do the same again.

Overlap each pass by 50% for proper coverage.

Coverage Up to 6mper litre



Ronseal Fence Life Plus –  Lasts for up to 5 years

  • Colour lasts for up to five years
  • Can be applied to damp wood so perfect for unpredictable weather
  • Brush on or spray on
  • Showerproof in one hour
  • Can be used on sheds and fences
  • Protects against rain, snow, frost and UV damage


Ronseal – does exactly what it says on the tin!